Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Inspiration Gallery

As most of you know, my brain doesn't exactly have an off switch.  So when I lay down in my bed at night I'm making mental lists of things I don't like anymore, want to change, repaint, etc.  So I figured I'd round up some of my favorite inspirations that I've found on Pinterest for projects that I've thought about while pretending to sleep.

Polka dot bedding and peach accents
via Pinterest | *Please pin from original source
I'm a little obsessed with the idea of Polka Dot Sheets for Adrienne + Ry's shared bedroom, I'm also totally liking the pop of peach.

via PopSugar on Pinterest | * Please pin from the original source
I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this because that's the sectional sofa I currently own.  I love the acrylic coffee table and the ladder shelving.  Too bad I just refinished a little mid-century coffee table.

DIY Nailhead Metallic Linen Headboard | Tutorial
via Sarah M. Dorsey Designs | Pinterest * Please pin from original source
I am dire need of a new DIY headboard and this one totally got me thinking all night.  The nailhead goodness and the fact that Sarah picked up a table cloth from TJ Maxx to use as the fabric makes me drool even more.  


Friday, February 20, 2015

FRI-YAY: Nate Berkus for Target

NB for Target

Fringe Pillow | Blanket | Tray | Elephant Dish | Bird Bowl | Coral Shade

Have you all checked out Nate Berkus's 2015 Design Collection for Target?  I'm a little obsessed with every item.  A few blogs have posted about the cute little triangle decorative object but I wanted you guys to see the unsung heros of the collection.  Like the watercolor ceramic tray and the elephant dish -- amazeballs!   The elephant dish is a little hard to find at the moment but the rest of the pieces are available at all Targets and online.  Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Look What I Found

I'm pretty much always furniture hunting.  My place doesn't feel "done" to me by any means so I know there are bits and pieces I need to add.  Lately, I've been scoring big time on my community's buy and sell group -- and when I say big I mean huge.

I showed you guys a chair a week or so ago I found for $10.  Here if you missed it.  It's a West Elm wooden mid century style chair that was in need of some paint.  I'm still working on it because all of the little areas that need to be sanded down are a little hard to reach so I'm going to be switching to a chemical stripping method and finishing it off soon.  

Last week I found this Eames inspired scoop chair with metal legs for $20.  Perfect for my desk.  I snagged it and then remembered the plan for the first chair was to go with my white parson's desk.  Oh, well... who can't use an extra chair or two?

So during a usual perusing session on the facebook ground I came across this listing.  I was completely head over heels for the hardware on the piece and the marble top was a plus and from the pictures looked to be in pretty good condition.  
I made an appointment to go see it.  I headed over with my awesome grandparents in tow (they're my thrifting buddies).

In person, I wasn't as in love.  The marble didn't look too great, the colors were a bit off from the picture and really not my style -- in all honesty, it's not a part of the piece that I can afford to replace. I was feeling a little sad about walking away with out a new awesome piece to work on... and then, I saw it...  

Sitting in a corner of the opposite room there was this amazing Danish Mid Century lounge chair.  Of course, I jumped over and basically begged him to sell it to me.  He agreed and I took the chair for $50.  Score!  Then, it got better -- as my grandfather loaded my chair in the car, the owner of the home mentioned he had a cool coffee table upstairs he thought I would love.  He was totally right.  The tapered legs were right up my alley.  It needs some serious work (the top has old news paper imprinted onto the finish) but for $20 it was a steal.  

I'm still deciding on where I'll use the pieces and how to refinish them, so they're hanging out at my grandparent's house for now but I have a million ideas.  

What do you think of my finds?  Any ideas on how to refinish?


Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy FRI-YAY: Spring Tabletop Inspiration

Spring Tabletop

It's still pretty chilly outside, for me anyway.  But I decided to go ahead and get into Spring a little early with some fun table top items.  Can't wait to set up my Spring tablescape.  xx

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Marquee Letter Love

Remember that $12.99 Heidi Swapp Marquee Letter Kit from Michael's I showed you guys last FRI-YAY?  Well, I broke mine out and got my Marquee making on.  The kit on it's own includes the letter, bulb caps, a string of lights, an extra letter for tracing and instructions.  You'll need to pick up two AAA batteries on your own.  The kit doesn't include any decorating materials, but they have some adorable coordinating pieces from the same collection.

I just picked up a roll black and white polka dot tape in an effort to keep consistent with my black and white (with some pops of color) living room.  

Things went pretty simply because I didn't do much to the letter.  You can spray paint them, add decorative paper inside and/or use the tape to create a much more colorful marquee letter.  But I kept it simple and just rolled the tape around the exterior of the letter.

Next you just need to pop in the included bulb caps through the front holes.  Mine was actually missing one so I had to go back and buy a whole pack of bulb caps.  I will say the American Crafts/Heidi Swapp customer service team is awesome though... I emailed them before I figured out they were sold separately and they offered to mail me the missing caps.  But let's face it... I'm a little impatient so I spent the extra $4 on caps.

Once the caps were in, you just string the lights through the back and the battery pack rests right into the letter.  I hung it up right over the entry way with a nail.  My husband thinks it's the coolest thing since sliced bread, and I think it's a great little accent piece.

What do you guys think?


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Popping In

I'm just quickly popping in today to share some fun updates and projects I'm working on at home.  This weeks postings have been pretty slow because I've been crazy busy trying to catch daylight hours after work and then working on things where the sun isn't a necessity.

Earlier this week I picked up this wooden West Elm chair for $10 on a local buy/sell group.  The paint was chipping all over the place but I loved the mid century vibe and the price tag.

I started sanding... but this one will be a doozy with all the little areas that need sanding and the curved arms and back support bars.  The wood looks so pretty though, so it'll all be worth in in the end.

I'll also be sharing a few quick projects you can do in a few hours.  Here are some peeks at those:

Stop by tomorrow for some FRI-YAY Spring Inspired fun!


Friday, January 30, 2015



DIY Marquee Kit | Marble Lamp | Horn Object | Snake Skin Shoes | Souk Rug

Happy FRI-YAY!  Here are my favorite finds from this week from DIY Marquee Letters to Snake Skin Shoes (every time I say that, I say it to the tune of Elvis's Blue Suede Shoes -- no judgement, please). 

If you've been to Michael's in the last week or so you may have noticed the DIY Marquee letter kits on an end cap.  They're amazing -- if you love Marquee letters, and I do totally do, these are perfect.  They're not very big, around 8" x 6", but at $12.99 they're worth trying out.  You can also pick up coordinating tape and paper packs to personalize your letter.  I picked ours up, and the girls and I will be putting it together for a little weekend project!  

I'm also a little obsessed with anything white and ceramic or marbled.  The fabulous marble table lamp is from West Elm and the Jonathan Adler Horn can be found at Lulu & Georgia.  The Souk rug is also from West Elm, I literally swoon every time I see it.  I threw in the shoes from Target, just for fun and because snake skin makes me happy.  

Have a great weekend!